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Needle-free Christmas trees

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What would Christmas be without the Christmas tree. The days of heading out into the forest with an axe are however long gone – there are many alternatives these days to the fir tree.

More than 30 million Christmas trees will be felled for Germany’s „front parlours”. Yet one in every five German is dispensing with the traditional Christmas tree.  Too little space in the apartment, ecological considerations, worries about a room fire – there are many reasons why not to celebrate with a real Christmas tree, yet there are many more ideas for possible alternative means of decoration. And this in no way implies vile plastic copies. Retailers offer high-quality decorative trees, which can be re-used again every year. And they all have one thing in common: no needles!

Sustainability: Year after year
Those who like to stamp their own style can choose from metal constructions like the delicate models from heine home or the spiral wire tree from Impressionen, which hangs from the ceiling. Wooden variants are also perfect for decorating however. Car Möbel even offers shelves shaped like a Christmas tree that are ideal for holding gifts.

Cardboard models make for artistic Christmas tree alternatives too. However, it’s best to use fairy lights in this case, rather than real candles! Practical solution: These models can be assembled in a jiffy, dismantled again just as quickly and stored neatly in the cellar or loft for use again next year. The same applies for wooden stick-trees. The cardboard Wishmas Tree comes in a folding box for example.

Those who appreciate ready-to-use decorations will find a large selection of trees made from dazzling Christmas tree balls of every size, illuminated and non-illuminated. Lovers of natural decorations can choose from models made from twigs or driftwood. MiaVilla uses feathers for its sustainable Christmas trees.

Original self-made Christmas trees
With just a little imagination, original Christmas trees can also be created using everyday household objects. Shelving of different lengths placed between the steps of a ladder can be used to hold decorations and candles. Boxes stacked in the outline of a Christmas tree painted in green or similarly arranged light chains on the wall conjure up a festive atmosphere. And if living conditions are extremely confined, a two-dimensional Christmas tree is ideal – as a wall tattoo, for example from Wandtattoo.de.


An article by Tanja Müller

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