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Pimp my wall!

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Do you have bare walls that you would like to add some flair and pizazz to? Here are a few ideas to help you achieve a creative wall design. These ideas are all easy to follow and, with a bit of imagination, they can be readily adapted to suit your own individual design tastes.

Let your true colours shine
The fact that walls can be painted with different colours is hardly  a new concept. Nevertheless, many people opt for a boring shade of white, rather than adding a splash of colour. So be brave and add your favourite colours to the walls! After all, walls with a good coat of paint can be as expressive and unique as those that are covered in decorations. Even just one coloured wall can change the atmosphere of an entire room. Strong, bright shades of green are currently very popular, but so are hues of grey. In addition, you frequently see  fresh, sunny yellow walls.

However, when deciding on the ideal colour, make sure you pay attention to the effect of the tone. Ask yourself whether it is ideal for that particular room. Red, for example, has a stimulating effect, while blue tones tend to be quite soothing. You can add special accents to a wall by using graphic elements. To do this, you should cover the wall with painter’s tape to achieve the desired design and then run your brush over the resulting surface. For larger areas, you could use a small roller brush. A handy tip: If you have mixed your favourite colour by yourself, then make sure you save the rest for later. You may just need it for a quick touch up at a later point in time.

Good old wallpaper
Who says wallpaper is old-fashioned? Not at all! Consciously applying wallpaper can give the wall an extremely trendy look. You can find all kinds of wallpaper with every conceivable pattern and print. Thanks to the invention of non-woven wallpaper, putting up your wallpaper is now faster and much easier! That’s because non-woven wallpaper do not have to be left to soak. The wallpaper strips are glued directly onto the pre-pasted wall. If you want, you can even unfurl the roll along the wall and then, using a cutting knife and a wallpaper scraper, you can cut the strips where the roll touches the ground. It couldn’t be easier! For more information, please visit the Association of German Wallpaper Manufacturers (VDT) homepage, which provides information about the latest wallpaper trends, in addition to helpful tips for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Wall tattoos and stickers
It’s even easier to liven up your walls with wall tattoos, which you can easily order through special online shops. This is why the self-adhesive wall stickers are particularly popular. But it’s also because these stickers are now available with a great range of motifs –ranging from funny lettering or ornaments to puzzles for children. Some vendors allow you to customise your wall tattoo to suit your own individual tastes.

Wall panels galore
Wall panels are a tried and tested way of decorating your home. Unsightly walls that are covered in drill holes and other eyesores can be elegantly hidden away behind the panels. With panels made from wood, natural stone blocks or plastic, you can choose whatever works best for your home. Everything is possible. At the moment, tactile surfaces such as textured wood panels are key trends. Wood panelling is particularly stunning, if you choose boards in two different colours – the brighter the wood, the more eye-catching and modern it will appear.

Living walls
If you’re a nature lover and you enjoy being surrounded by plants and greenery, you might want to consider a living wall. Instead of hanging up pictures, you can hang an entire garden on your wall. There are different systems made from plant carpets, which include refillable water reservoirs, or plant baskets, which can be arranged one above the other. You should always make sure that there is enough light, i.e. sunlight, so that the plants can grow and flourish. Alternatively, you can also find wall gardens that are made of deceptively genuine artificial plants.

Eye-catching pieces
A bare wall can also be brought to life if you add an interesting piece of furniture. How about livening things up with an unusually shaped hanging shelf for example? You could also add a designer radiator, a mirror or an illuminated sign. In the same way, pictures and paintings can jazz up a wall if they do not show everyday motifs or are hung up in an unusual way. If you like to keep things simple, you can simply hang up an empty frame on the wall. Let your imagination run wild. Just remember that you only need a few eye-catching pieces to create truly unique decorations. After all, if there’s too much is going on, then the wall will appear cluttered and chaotic.

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