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Trends for Summer 2018

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Football fans the world over are gripped by World Cup fever this summer. We took a look around to see how much of an impact it is having on current interior trends and what else is currently in fashion in terms of interior design. 

Football’s coming home
This summer is without doubt marked by the Football Word Cup. Not only are football fans kitting themselves out with cool gadgets on the topic, but also casual TV viewers are making sure they have the right accessories for an evening of football at home with friends. The range of options is vast – from the stool with game analysis to remote control in the shape of a football through to table football.

Urban jungle everywhere

For those who are not really interested in football, there’s another trend they can perhaps follow that is still very much in vogue: urban jungle. From natural green in the form of house plants to jungle décor on carpets, curtains and cushions – transforming the apartment into a green oasis. And if that is still not enough for some, exotic animals or flowers can complete the look. The urban jungle style also includes design elements made from natural materials such as wool or wood, for example in the form of Plank 1-Strip in 3D appearance.

Dark power colours alongside pastel shades
For some, the colour that the American Pantone Color Institute proclaimed that the 2018 trend colour might have taken some getting used to. Ultra violet is not necessarily everyone’s taste. For others, Pantone got it absolutely right, which is underscored by the rising popularity of strong colours. Deep red and berry colours, strong dark blue and dark green or also mustard yellow were featured in abundance at recent interior trade fairs in Cologne and Milan, often contrasting with delicate pastel shades. This gives a modern and fresh impression.

LED lettering
Thanks to small LEDs, artificial light no longer has to radiate from just one lamp. Why not make a lighting statement on the chest of drawers? Not a problem with LED technology. That’s because LED lighting strips can be shaped flexibly. With practically no limits on the creativity of the designers, the home instantly takes on an individual character thanks to the luminous artwork.

Pleating – objects featuring a folded look
They are a common sight these days: accessories such as vases, dishes or lampshades with a fine grooved structure. The decorative look that actually comes from the world of materials is called pleating. The elegant drapery is also being used of late for furniture covering.

Special effects
Opulent surfaces with mirroring effects, whimsical shapes and new materials – a striking amount of furniture manufacturers are currently opting for an unusual look. Whether the stool from the 3D printer or the vase made from papier-mâché – these objects play with the unexpected and are therefore certain to be eye-catchers in any living space.

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